Porto Franco OÜ announces architectural design competition to find designers for the complex of buildings intended to be built at the Admiralty Basin.

In cooperation with the Estonian Association of Architects and the Tallinn Urban Planning Department, on 20 July 2015 Porto Franco OÜ announced an architectural competition the goal of which is to find the optimum architectural and functional solution for a complex of commercial buildings that would be located on a site bordering with the Admiralty Basin, and Laeva, Poordi and Kai streets.

Quoting the second issue of the journal “Laevandus” of 1920: ‘… the surroundings of the Basin, which at present is the site of the port workshops, will be cleaned up, and replaced by newly built commercial premises, railway stations, guesthouses, and other essential establishment, satisfying modern requirements, so that the area around the basin will become a small porto-franco (free port), which  in future will have great significance, because for the time being the plans for building the free port have to be put on hold due to lack of necessary funds.’

Porto Franco OÜ, as the organiser of the competition, is interested in attracting modern architectural solutions, and wishes to develop shopping and office premises combined with catering and restaurant facilities. The complex should become the symbolic sea gate of Tallinn, built with keen attention to architectural compatibility with the cityscape, featuring a functional and cosy rooftop that takes into account weather conditions, and with its well-designed pedestrian traffic routes around and within the complex.

Porto Franco OÜ announces architectural design competition