Advertising Agency Zavod BBDO will move to Porto Franco

Porto Franco and Zavod BBDO signed an agreement, according to which Porto Franco will host the new offices of Zavod BBDO that will open in Porto Franco with the completion of the centre in the autumn of 2020.

‘Moving to new offices is not merely an administrative project or a new address: it offers us a possibility to change the functioning of our entire team in order to create a working environment that supports the organisation’s vision, goals, culture, and specific nature of the work. New premises will help the company to improve and create routines which are becoming ever more important in the daily life,’ says Tauno Loodus, the agency’s member of the Management Board. ‘Moreover, employees of Zavod BBDO have noted that moving to Porto Franco will certainly be beneficial to creativess, because through its architecture and modernity Porto Franco serves as a source of inspiration. In addition to that, a seaside environment is considered to be much more invigorating than offices that are located in areas with heavy traffic. According to employees, sea is always inspiring, and offers possibilities to gather one’s thoughts.’

The authors of the architectural solution of Porto Franco are the acclaimed architects Ott Kadarik and Mihkel Tüür, and the centre will be built in accordance with LEED Gold standards. The nearness of the Porto Franco to the sea and the Old Town provides a creative and inspiring environment.

LEED is the most widely recognised and used green building rating system in the world. A building built in accordance with the LEED Gold standards complies with the highest requirements in terms of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, the building process and construction materials.

Zavod BBDO is one of the most vibrant creative agencies. Its strengths include major campaigns extending across the Baltic states, tourism campaigns filmed in Berlin, TV commercials shot in Spain, and creatively structured public information campaigns. The team of Zavod BBDO appreciates their clients and its members, enjoy life and work hard. But sometimes one may reward oneself, for instance by setting up new offices in Porto Franco.

Zavood BBDO creative collective

Advertising Agency Zavod BBDO will move to Porto Franco