An information technology company KC Pass, which provides automated ‘know your business customer and cooperation partner’ solutions, will be moving into Porto Franco

KC Pass OÜ offers a fully automated KYC (know-your-customer) solution which is developed for checking the background of businesses and the details of the representatives thereof. KC Pass will be moving into Porto Franco at the end of 2020 and will be situated on an area of 1,234 m2 on a separate floor.

“There will be a balance of office, trade, and hotel premises in Porto Franco, but we will also house an institution of applied higher education – I am very happy to state that the organizations which will be operating in Porto Franco include several companies the business of which is based on modern technologies. One of them is KC Pass which provides a fully automated business solution for investigating companies and their representatives,” said Rauno Teder, Chairman of the Board of Porto Franco OÜ. “All entrepreneurs, especially those with experience in searching for partners from foreign markets, know how difficult it is to find information about the background of a client or partner who is a legal person. It is possible to hire internal analysists, but it is certainly much more cost-efficient and less time-consuming to rely on specialists.”

“It is becoming increasingly difficult for a business to know their clients and business partners in order to prevent fraud and damages to reputation. Thereat, it is also important to observe various regulations and the requirements arising therefrom. The solutions created by KC Pass provides a quick and accurate result, especially in the case of cross-border customers,” said one of the founders and the Executive Manager of KC Pass, Neeme Org. “We see our employees as the most important asset of our company and would like to offer them a modern, world-class working environment which would also be in a good location. Tallinn is a seaside city and, thanks to the developments, the port area has become a part of the urban environment, thus, Porto Franco seemed to be the best choice for us based on our needs.”

KC Pass is providing a fully automated ‘know-your-customer’ solution to the businesses whose clients and partners are other businesses. KC Pass has access to many international public and private datasets which enables the company to perform thorough background checks of the businesses registered in more than 150 countries and to identify the legal representatives or related persons thereof based on over 4,500 different documents. The solution allows get acquainted with the regulations for the prevention of money laundering before starting business relationships and in the course thereof and to prevent fraud. Today, the product of KC Pass is used by locals as well as foreign companies in such areas as production,  factoring, payment and crypto, investment, and insurance companies.