Norwegian hotel chain with a unique accommodation solution opens its doors in the centre of Tallinn

Hotel Citybox with a completely new concept opens its doors on August 1 in the Porto Franco city block in the very heart of Tallinn centre, marking the arrival of the Norwegian hotel chain in Estonia. The hotel is located near the port and offers its visitors a service free of human contact and affordable pricing.

Citybox hotel has no concierge, no old-fashioned TV-sets or room service. This offers a unique possibility to accommodate visitors in modern rooms at very affordable prices, without sacrificing any comforts, for example the hotel provides free Wi-Fi in the whole building. Citybox Tallinn is a self-service hotel where the visitors can do their own check-in and check-out. Naturally there is no need to stand and wait in a long line. At the same time it is important to note that although the hotel has no traditional reception table, no guest will ever be left without assistance, because apparently “invisible” service staff are actually available on site 24/7.

Teele Lepp, the CEO of Citybox Tallinn, notes that this hotel is the first accommodation provider of its kind in Estonia. “The principles of Citybox follow global trends and offer reasonable prices and more independence to visitors. This kind of approach is perfect for modern visitors. Our guests need no colourful decorative pillows, mini-bars or stationery sets in their rooms. They are here to get new experiences in the city,” Lepp said.

Citybox combines convenience and cosiness gained by its central location and modern atmosphere.  “Room prices start from €45. This way we can offer an excellent stopping point for a tourist who wants a hotel to be at walking distance from city sights and business centre, but at extremely affordable rates,” Lepp points out.

“Citybox is a clearly distinctive hotel for people whose guiding principle is “Why pay more?”. Besides the affordable combination is made even better thanks to the comfortable bed, clean room and central location. Or from another point of view: why would you need a mini-bar in your hotel room when the city centre under your window is packed full of various bars,” Lepp comments.

The interiors of the new hotels use Scandinavian design style. There are 272 rooms: single, double and family rooms with bunk beds, and 6 suites. The interior design puts great emphasis on efficient use of space and functionality, along with durability in the choice of styles and materials. This is also based on the idea of “less is more”.

Citybox hotel is clearly different in another aspect: common rooms. Guests can use the common rooms to prepare and keep their own food and drinks. A self-service laundry enables guests to wash and dry their clothes only for a few Euros.

Citybox hotel chain

Citybox is a hotel chain established in 2006. There are hotels with the same name in Oslo and Bergen in Norway. The Citybox hotel chain has 877 rooms all in all. The Citybox concept has proved very successful in Norway. This is evident from the fact that in Oslo the Citybox occupancy rate has been one of the highest among Oslo hotels during the last few years. The hotels in Oslo and Bergen have both won recognition by Traveller Choice awards. It should be noted that Citybox Tallinn is the first to be opened by the hotel chain outside Norway.

Photo: Martin Hannus