The design of the square between Porto Franco I and II building has been completed

Inspired by the misty summer evenings in the seaside capital, the urban space becomes a temporary hidden oasis guiding the way to St. Olaf´s Church.

“Fly freely like a bird”, which inspires people to discover, adventure, create, dream big – flying to heights, towards goals … . This painting was created in the courtyard between Porto Franco I and II building by Colorees Art Worldwide artistic duo Helena Hanni ja Vahur Agar. “Birds are colorful and carry with them lines, shapes, colors, plants that characterize various creative and beautiful goals and thoughts. This painting is made with the soul, giving good energy to all who pass by. This painting brings happiness, health, success “, the art duo has said about their work. Come and be part of it! The square with designed recreation areas between the Porto Franco I and II buildings will remain for the enjoyment of Porto Franco tenants, city residents and tourists until the completion of the Porto Franco II building.